10 Tech Christmas Gift Ideas for 2015

With Christmas just around the corner here are some great tech gifts that you could put under the tree.

It’s the Christmas gift everyone has a use for: a smart phone. But you don’t have to be Scrooge to be put off by the high prices of some of the flagship phones. There are quality phones to suit any recipient, as well as your budget.

A tablet makes a great Christmas present for your nearest and dearest. They can be a big hit with the over-50s, as well as teenagers and commuters.

Activity Tracker

With exercise at the top of everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions list, a fitness or activity tracker is an ideal Christmas gift to help get anyone started or please the active ones in your life.


A quality pair of headphones will make anyone happy this Christmas. Whether you’re looking for the best audio quality, a bright design or just the best price – you’ll surely find it.


The best speakers can cost hundreds of dollars, but getting better (or simply louder) audio from your phone, tablet or laptop is easily achievable without spending a fortune and will be make the music lovers in your life sing with glee.

Smart Watch

With the launch of the Apple Watch this year, smart watches have rapidly become one of the hottest gadgets to own, so it’s likely to be high on the Christmas wish lists this year.

Portable Harddrive
Portable hard drives are another bit of tech that sounds a bit on the boring side but can actually be so useful and a brilliant gift for anyone who needs to back up files or store videos and photos that don’t quite fit onto their laptop or PC. Plus, they’ll be able to take them wherever they want.

Portable Power Bank

What do you give a tech lover who has everything? An accessory. And what better phone- and tablet accessory than a power bank? Keeping your mobile device going as long as you, these cool gadgets make the best stocking fillers.


It may be the obvious choice as an ideal gift for a book worm, but an e-reader lets you load hundreds of books into a single slim and light digital device. E-readers are cheaper than tablets, optimised for reading, and with much better battery life.

Smart Lighting / Lightbulbs

Besides using less energy, why wouldn’t you want some cool mood lighting for your home? Installing smart lighting is a simple first step on your way to a smart home, and can also make a really unique and fun gift. Some are particularly suitable for new parents, but any home owner can benefit.