Websites and blogs are becoming an integral part of your brand and business. We live in an information and knowledge economy that values finding information in an increasingly web world.

To put some further perspective on the importance of your web assets consider these two facts:
1. Google will penalize your search results ranking if your site is slow and produces a poor experience for the user.
2. In many industries over 90% of purchasing decisions start with an online search.
These two facts alone highlight the importance of ensuring your website is both online and is performing well.
If you cannot be found because your website is down you lose credibility, customer leads and sales.

What are 5 reasons to monitor and manage your website, blog or online store
Protect the image of your business
Whether you have a click and mortar business or a brick and mortar business, a good brand image is vital. Hence, you need to protect your brand image constantly. With a worldwide audience, the brand image of your business lives or dies on the level of customer satisfaction.
Frequent downtime issues can jeopardize the reputation of your online business. Monitoring your website is the best way to prevent these unwanted hazards and protect the image of your business.

Keep your customers happy
When talking about your repeat and existing clients, you need to focus on keeping your customers happy. This holds all the more true for clients who have subscriptions to the products as well as services that they can access via your website. Many cloud based software services need high levels of uptime to ensure that your customers are happy.
However, in case the downtime issue is unresolved for a prolonged period of time, then chances are quite likely that your customers will tend to make a move.
Your competitor is only a click away so don’t give your customer a reason to leave.

Ensure you obtain the best search results ranking
Google detests downtime issues. If your website comes up with constant downtime issues for one or more days, then it can suffer a huge setback in how your site is ranked by Google in its search results. Your search ranking is effected by both downtime and the speed of your website.

Detecting hackers fast
Even if your website experiences a downtime for couple of minutes it can have huge consequences.
One of the potential reasons that can lead to downtime is hackers. If a hacker derails the uptime of your website and a set in a couple of malicious code then your website is sure to suffer a setback. However, website monitoring can keep you across these issues fast. It informs the webmasters by text and email on a frequent interval.