An Information Technology team is a group of IT experts who manage IT operations and services. For businesses, an IT team helps efficiently manage the IT environment – aligning the business aspect with Information Technology.

IT Support helps organisations to efficiently manage software, hardware, and human resource services to ensure continued and uninterrupted business.

Here are a few more reasons why every business needs an IT support team.

To systematically identify and solve IT-related problems

Most SMBs start with a modest email-based IT Support setup, but as they grow and as service requests increase, the quality of service drops drastically. The IT support team gets into a fire-fighting mode, just resolving requests to avoid service failure. Without an IT support team, there is no vision to proactively identify and resolve problems before it affects service and business. IT teams provide the framework or the “common sense approach” to IT service support so that each issue is analysed to determine the root cause. Finally, the root cause of the problem is eliminated to prevent similar problems in the future.

To set-up a Help Desk or an Internet-based Customer Service System

Businesses can implement an internet- based Help Desk for proactive IT service management and to reduce service downtime. An IT Help Desk staff can implement an internet-based Help Desk solution to identify and manage service requests, eliminate problems and provide uninterrupted service. Even when the physical office is [still/already] closed, a web-based Help Desk will be able to assist online customers – helping them with problems which can potentially blow up.

To Set up an Online System of Purchase

It is highly unlikely that your business will be open 24 hours a day, but an IT support team can help a business set-up a website which will help enable all-day sales. Just imagine – your physical store might be open for business only from 9 am to 8 pm, but a website with all your products and services will enable 24-hour operations. Your IT support team will ensure that the website, the accounting/payment collection (credit card services) and delivery (courier) are all tied up and going seamlessly.

Problem Management

In any business, there will undoubtedly be instances when employees will not be able to carry out their duties due to some technical glitch in the computer system. It could be a simple problem with data encoding, printing failure, password error, or inability to connect with the business’ online banking. An IT support team will be the saviour in situations such as these. There will be times when problems will more technical and difficult – such as email account hacking, online fraud attempts or server complications – which, of course, only a team of experts can solve. They are better equipped to handle these situations, since they have the technical expertise most other employees do not possess.

To Configure and Manage the Different Databases

A database contains all the details about employees, workstations, devices, incidents, problems, changes, and complete details of all the components in business. It provides a public knowledge base of known errors and solutions that help employees search and resolve minor incidents. It provides private knowledge base for the Support Staff get detailed reports about all assets with problem history, work-around and temporary fixes. Only a knowledgeable IT support team will know what to do to ensure that the office database, as well as the business’ client database are properly maintained, updated and working problem-free.