Can the Cloud Really Help my Business Save Money?

Cloud services can offer a multitude of benefits for your business. But we often ask, is it really worth it? Cloud services will help you save money on many fronts and allow your business to run better.

Eliminate Hardware
An obvious advantage of cloud computing is reducing your cost by eliminating hardware. When businesses keep their data in a data center, they are buying space, and these costs add up! (costs: your own equipment, networking, power & cooling, electricity etc.). Rather than spending money on in-house equipment, hardware needs can be left to the vendor. When a business is undergoing rapid growth, purchasing new hardware can also be expensive and inconvenient. Cloud computing alleviates these issues by allowing your business to acquire resources quickly and easily.

Save Space and Energy

Cloud computing can significantly reduce cost by saving valuable space in your office that can be used for more productive endeavors. Large data centers can also produce a lot of heat so moving this off-site will save the expense of cooling these areas.


Save money on labor and maintenance costs. It’s simple, when the hardware is located off-site, there is less demand for in-house IT staff and when upgrades or repairs are needed – it is the vendor’s responsibility, not the business. Businesses also see the benefits of eliminating routine maintenance. This can help reduce staff size and encourage staff to focus on important projects and developments.


Working in the cloud enables easier telecommuting. The world’s mobile worker population will only continue to grow rapidly. This will increase the need for efficient and affordable tools to be equally productive in or out of the office. as when you’re sitting in the office.

Capital Investment
Typically, cloud solutions are available in a pay-as-you-go pricing model, providing savings and flexibility in several ways. Your business only pays for software that’s being utilized and cloud software typically only costs per user.

Low Cost, Low Risk

If you’re on the fence, pay-as-you-go software can be cancelled at any time, reducing the financial risk of any software that doesn’t work for your business. Finally, the up-front cost of the cloud is lower than in-house solutions. For businesses that need high quality products but don’t have the funds immediately available, cloud solutions provide the flexibility you need to grow your business, save money and have the advantages of cloud services.

It’s easy to overlook the increase in workforce productivity. The installation of cloud software is notably faster than conventional installation and will only take a few hours. Which means employees spend less time waiting and more time working.