Quick Tips You Didn’t Know could Save your Battery Life (iPhone & Android)

iPhone Battery Saving Tips

Turn off iCloud

Automatically backing up to iCloud can drain your battery and eat through your data allowance. It’s a useful feature for backing up precious photos, but there might be a few things being backed up that you don’t really care about or need. Take a look in Settings > iCloud and toggle off anything you don’t want.

Kill “Hey Siri”

This feature is an unnecessary battery drain if you don’t really use it, mostly because your iPhone will be listening for “Hey Siri” whenever it’s charging. To turn it off, go to Settings > General > Siri and turn Allow “Hey Siri” off.

Switch off parallax

Unfortunately, sometimes the latest and greatest features are also a battery drain. Parallax is a feature introduced in iOS 7 that adds depth perception and 3D effects to the iPhone’s display. This hurts your battery life given that it constantly uses your iPhone’s graphics processor, not to mention, it gives some people a headache too. To turn it off: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > and switch on Reduce Motion to temporarily turn off all the parallax effects.

Stop quitting all of your apps

Yep, we all do it, but quitting all of your apps from the multitasking menu doesn’t actually increase battery life. When you do this – by double tapping the Home button and swiping upwards on open apps – it means you take it out of RAM, which in turn means that when you open it again the iPhone has to load it back into memory.

Android Battery Saving Tips:

Where are you spending your battery life?

See what’s sucking the most juice. Navigate to Settings > Battery to see an organized breakdown of what’s consuming your phone’s battery. Applications and features will display in a descending list of battery eaters. If you see an application you barely use or a feature you never use, you’ll want to uninstall the app or turn off the feature.

Control your social media polling

Reduce email, Twitter, and Facebook polling. Set your various messaging apps to “manual” for the polling or refresh frequency, just as a test, and you’ll instantly extend your device’s battery life by a significant amount. Once you see what a difference that makes, try re-enabling just the most important ones, and possibly reducing their polling frequency in the process.

Use the Power Saving Mode

Many Android phoneS have an extra power saving mode, so if you have it, use it. This can squeeze extra hours or even a day of standby time out of just a few remaining percentage points of battery.

Cut apps in the background

Trim any apps that are running in the background. From Settings > Apps, swipe to the left; you’ll see a list of apps that are currently running. Tap on each one to see what they’re for; you can stop any apps that you don’t need running in the background all of the time.