Ransomware – that malicious computer code that makes data and software inaccessible until a ransom is paid. It represents the most pervasive technology problem for individuals and large business networks. It’s been around since the late 1980s however, ransomware has become more ubiquitous and sophisticated in recent years, making it a serious threat. And it is likely to get worse.

So-called ransomware attacks have become more frequent and costly. Ransomware is going to get worse and worse every year, and the amount they ask for is going to grow every year.

A ransomware attack is often a starting point for cybercriminals, with an average ransom demand of $500, where attacks on large corporate networks demand much larger sums.

Luckily, simple preventative measures can thwart the most malicious code — for individuals and large networks.

3 simple steps you should always follow:

  1. Keep software and operating systems up to date
  2. Don’t open or click on anything that seems untrustworthy or comes from an unknown source
  3. Have a backup of the entire system in case of a successful attack

Unfortunately, of those who do end up paying ransom to regain access to their data, only 43% actually get their systems restored, the risk will continue to grow so take the simple steps to protect yourself and your business.