Best Buddies Australia

Best Buddies Australia is part of a global organisation devoted to providing friendships to people with intellectual disabilities. Best Buddies operates in over 40 countries and has been successfully operating in Australia for over 8 years.

The Challenge

As Best Buddies were growing they approached Juncture IT with their main IT concerns. The organisation required a system in place where they could manage file sharing, gain external access and have a good back up solution in place, they also required a good communication solution as well as going through an office relocation. Being a charity organisation they were conscious of their budget and getting a cost effective solution.

Juncture IT’s Solution

Juncture IT assessed Best Buddies requirements and installed a small business server from which Best Buddies was able to give access to it personnel while they were out of the office through VPN. Juncture IT implemented an Asterix phone system for VOIP calls installing all the hardware and software associated. A maintenance plan was then put in place to ensure that Juncture IT was able to provide ongoing support Best Buddies Australia so they can grow as an organization and better deliver high quality outcomes for their clients.

“Juncture IT has become an integral part of our service. They provide the IT support that allows us to do our job. From managing our online and VOIP communication systems to ensuring our server and computers can do what we need, Juncture IT is always there professional and ready to help.”

Mark Trevaskis
Executive Director

The Stallion Group

The Stallion group of companies comprises of Stallion Security, Stallion Audi-visual, Stallion Air Conditioning and Stallion Elevators. Stallion looks after a wide client base from both public and private sectors and is a company that thrives on its ability to provide an excellent level of service with latest equipment on the market.

The Challenge

The Stallion group had purchased a field service management product The Service Manager (TSM) and were having troubles in getting the most out of the product. The stallion group required training on the TSM product as well requiring useful reports from their database.

Juncture IT’s Solution

Juncture IT worked with stallion to customise their TSM product, as well as maintaining their network so that they could get the most of their TSM product. Stallion were able to capitalise on their software and have it refined so that it would work to their own unique requirements.

“Trust and integrity are paramount in our organisation – Ben and Reyad have delivered consistently on all fronts.”

Howard Klevansky
Managing Director