Top Password Managers

Using the same password for everything is no longer an option with continuing security threats. Check out the top password managers out there to keep your passwords safe and organized.


Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile

Standard: Free / Premium: $12

LastPass has a free version and is full of plenty of features, a user-friendly interface and multi-factor authentication choices. You can use it for free on any number of desktops, mobiles or tablets, just stick to a single device type.


Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile

Prices range $18-$50

With 1Password, you can easily generate strong passwords for every site you visit, save the under a single master password and rest easy, knowing they are secured with 256-bit encryption. As long as you use our previous tips (ling to previous entry) and create a strong master password, all you log-in information will be secure.


Windows, Mac, Linux

Standard: Free/ $10/device/year

Keeper is entirely focused on managing passwords. It does just that and it does it well, without additional features or distractions. It requires user interaction to capture and replay login credentials, and handles even the most challenging login forms.


Windows, Mac, Mobile

Standard: Free / Premium: $40

Updated 2.0 version is better than ever. It includes field capture, security breach alerts, secure sharing of login credentials and a new browser extension for Firefox and Chrome (not for Internet Explorer).


Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile

Standard: Free / Premium: $10

Roboform allows you to sync your passwords across all your desktop and mobile devices. Mobile editions work well and are no longer limited. Free if you only use mobile and don’t require desktop installations. Keeper

Windows, Mac, Mobile

Standard: Free /  $10/year for cloud back-up

Password Box

Windows, Mac, Mobile

Standard: Free (up to 25 passwords) / Premium: $40

Password Box offers one-touch log-in to websites and 256-bit AES encryption of your information. Browse with ease as it automatically saves your log-ins along the way and makes it easy to find websites within the app with a library of over 20,000 commonly used websites. You can even add a PIN code for an additional layer of security.