Your Favourite Smartphone Activities that are Costing You Battery Juice, Part 2: The

How’s your battery life been? Chances are you’re still not making it through the day with enough juice and your need to be social and stay connected may be the culprit. Beware of these apps when you’re trying to conserve your battery.

If you had to guess, Facebook might be your first. And you’re right. Most of us are constantly glancing at Facebook on our phones throughout the day. Social media is great for keeping in touch, seeing what your friends are doing, and just feeding your distractibility. But keeping a vigilant eye over your Facebook app is a surefire way to get you down to 20 percent battery life by lunchtime.

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular communication apps around, it’s one of the most-used apps, and also one of the biggest battery hogs. Try to fight the impulse to send Business Fish stickers to your buddies and your phone will live to message them at the end of the day.

We love to pass the time playing Candy Crush or Clash of Clans when we’re stuck somewhere. Matching three pieces of candy and conquering our friends might be a quick-fix for boredom, but these apps place a heavy load on our batteries with their online connectivity and flashy graphics. If you want to save your phone some power, keep the gaming to a minimum.

We know what you’re doing when you hold up your phone and pull a weird face before giggling at the new filters. Chances are that you’re on Snapchat. Unfortunately, if you want to keep your battery life in check, tone down on the geofilters and puppy faces, or you’ll find yourself with a dead battery. Snapchat drains your battery by using the camera, AND location-based services while you’re using it.