Have you ever stopped and wondered what would happen to you if someone stole your hard drive, or ran off with your computer? This wouldn’t really be a problem if you perform one very easy task – syncing your computers.

When you sync a device, such as a cell phone, PDA, or iPod, you synchronise it with data on your computer. This is typically done by connecting the device to your computer via a USB or wireless connection.

Here are some reasons why it is beneficial and necessary that you synchronise your computers.

To eliminate the trouble of updating each unit individually

When you sync a device with your computer, it typically updates both device and the computer with the most recent information. This is also referred to as “merging” the data. For example, if you have added a phone number to your phone since the last time you synced it with your computer, that number will be added to your computer’s address book. Similarly, any numbers entered into the computer’s address book since the last sync will be added to the phone. Most syncing programs also remove entries that have been deleted on either the device or the computer since the last sync.

So that you can keep updated files on your desktops, laptops and mobile devices

In this technological generation, people are on the go most of the time. It is most likely that one works on his/her desktop for a few hours, then will need to rush off to a meeting, sans desktop. When your computers and mobile devices are synced, you can be mobile and work from anywhere using different types of equipment – like a tablet or a smartphone. Just store your data on the cloud and you have the convenience of seamless working using any of your online devices.

For protection and security

The online world has devised ways to fight all the cyber criminals out there – when a scrupulous individual tries to hack into your laptop, an alert can be sent to your mobile phone saying that someone tried to access your account. This is a clear benefit of syncing your computer and online devices. Gone are the days when you open your physical office and find all your data stolen by thieves. Syncing your data to the cloud would also be like locking your data up in a bank vault – no one can steal it.