Is it Time to Upgrade your Cloud Platform?

As we progress through a technological transformation, the changes are pushing many companies to a “do more with less” mentality for their IT strategy. Cloud implementations can take a company to the next level. Here are some questions to ask when deciding if your business is ready.

Are you trying to maintain or improve IT service levels in your business, but can’t seem to get out from underneath the pressure to cut costs.

Solution: When you upgrade your cloud platform, it can cut the total cost of ownership (TCO). You’ll see the most savings across infrastructure maintenance for your databases and operating systems. Your business can also save on license costs and on backup and recovery (without having to sacrifice availability). The savings in IT costs, can then be used to drive innovation, hire more staff or increase wages.

Is the current, simple cloud IT platform your company is using working? Are you currently reaping the benefits?

If not, an upgrade can take it to the next level, allowing your IT and business organizations to make key strategies come to life and focus on building and developing the business.

Does your current platform deliver a wide range of functionality in areas that are business critical? Is your current cloud platform functional in the ways your business needs it to be?

Without realising it, many businesses are struggling against poor functionality in areas such as analytics, collaboration, integration, and mobility. Technology moves too fast to fall behind and if you’re business isn’t functioning at the optimal level, it may be too late by the time you upgrade.

Do you find your current legacy modifications are no longer useful and the company is dedicating precious IT resources to maintain these modifications?

Your business could also be working off of old modifications that worked at one point but can no longer keep up. A cloud platform upgrade could reduce endless modifications for the IT team just to maintain the current, dysfunctional system.  These costs can be significantly reduced or eliminated with a platform upgrade.

Overall, a cloud platform upgrade can enhance and build your business when the right decision is made at the right time.