There are many advantages of using a cloud service, as well as multiple service providers that you can use. These 5 service providers focus on putting consumers first.


Dropbox supports multiple operating systems, has a clean interface and is probably the simplest to use among all the names in this list. It offers less storage for free than the other provides listed but it works with Microsoft’s Office suite as well.

Microsoft OneDrive

As a product from Microsoft, OneDrive is tied very closely with the Windows platform. Luckily, that doesn’t mean its not available for other platforms. But if you’re an avid Windows user, OneDrive will be a preferred choice. Features include the ability to automatically upload all captured photos and videos directly, being notified whenever a change is made to any shared document and even annotate and sign PDF files stored online. OneDrive gives you 5GB of free storage that can be upgraded for a fee. Another way to get additional storage is to sign up for Microsoft’s Office 365, which is tied closely with OneDrive.

Google Drive

Google Drive – like its name suggests – is Google’s cloud service. And as such, is closely tied with Google’s operating system – Android. It also works seamlessly with Google’s other products like Gmail. It offers a user 15GB of free storage that’s a lot when compared to the previous 2 providers we’ve covered. It also works with Google’s companion app – Google Photos making it a preferred choice to backup your photos and videos.

Apple iCloud

Apple’s cloud service is ideal for anyone invested in the Apple ecosystem. From Find your Mac to iWork, iCloud is seamlessly embedded into Apple products & has automatic backup options so you don’t have to worry about backing up your files manually. That being said, it provides you with only 5GB of free storage. So expect to get the ‘running low on storage’ option pretty soon if you’re into backing up photos and videos. Along with documents and media, it also provides you the option to sync contacts, calendars, email and bookmarks between every Apple device.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon has a popular operating system of its own. Therefore, you need to use its website or app to use its services, just like Dropbox. That being said, Amazon does have a premium subscription service Amazon Prime & users of this services have access to unlimited backup for photos for a small fee and get 5GB of storage for everything else. Considering most of the media we create nowadays are photos, this makes it a definite deal. It lets you carry out all the same actions as the previous providers.