Part 2: Tips to Keep Your Mobile Devices Secure While Traveling

Earlier this month we posted Part 1: Tips for Keeping Your Mobile Devices Secure. Hopefully you’ve been putting them into practice. What many people don’t realize is how much more vulnerable your devices are when you’re traveling. You’re using different networks, connecting to Wi-Fi much more often and often accessing valuable information in often less secure ways. Start using these tips to keep your devices safe while traveling (and remember these tips even when you’re not traveling).

1. Don’t use un-encrypted public Wi-Fi networks. This can betempting while travelling because we may have limited access. These networks don’t require authentication or a password to log into, so anyone can access them while encrypted networks require an ID or password to gain access. Avoid these whenever possible and if you absolutely have to logon, be cautious about what you’re doing.

2. Know the different types of security. Public Wi-Fi networks will have two different types of security. WEP (wired equivalent privacy) and WPA (Wi-Fi protected access). WPA is most secure. But remember that even encrypted networks have risks, so always be cautious about what you’re doing. Finally, don’t think that just because you’re paying for Wi-Fi that it’s secure. Be cautious.

3. Avoid any risks you can.  You can protect your devices by not opening yourself up to cyber risks if you don’t need to. Besides avoiding connecting to unencrypted networks, turn off Wi-Fi when you’re not using it. This prevents you from automatically connecting to networks (including suspicious or dangerous ones). And enjoy the added bonus of a longer battery life!

4. Turn off cookies and autofill. If your mobile device automatically enters passwords and login information into websites you visit frequently, turn that feature off. It’s convenient, but it’s also a privacy threat. In the big picture, a little inconvenience can go a long way toward added security.

5. Watch your apps! Apps are great, and many are free, so it can be tempting to download anything that strikes your interest, especially when you’re travelling to new places – there are a multitude of great travel apps. Just be selective about the apps you download. Do some research online before downloading apps. Make sure that you trust the developer and have taken the time to review some of comments.

Remember these 5 tips while traveling and you’ll have a more secure device and the added peace of mind to make your trip even more enjoyable.