Different individuals or businesses call for varying needs but if you’re still wondering if using the cloud is your best backup option, these are the top 6 reasons.

Anywhere Access

Most people can’t go anywhere without their mobile. And with today’s 4G technologies, we’re accustomed to having access to any information whenever we want. So why not have access to our backups the same way? That’s what cloud access brings. We’ll soon reach a point where we can’t imagine not having the ability to download a backup instantaneously.

Easy File Transfer and Real-time Functionalities

It’s become so easy to upload and download files. Nearly every cloud service can be used to save one copy of a document and share it with multiple people, thereby eliminating the need to send every involved individual a separate copy of the file. Not to mention that a cloud service will let you share files much larger in size than by conventional means.

Real-time Functionalities

Being able to share a file with multiple people at the same time comes with an added advantage. Every person that you can share your file with can also collaborate with you in real time. From modifying documents to adding files that you missed, this is one of the best advantages of using cloud storage.

Offsite Protection

With the risk of natural disasters or hackers, one major concern with personal data is always security. Knowing that someone with malicious intent does not have access to your personal data is essential. Someone might gain access to your computer, external HD or microSD card, but it’s not as simple to access the cloud. By keeping your backups on a cloud, you are placing it at a different physical location thereby eliminating anyone from gaining physical access to your backups or from being at risk of a natural disaster at your physical location.

Multiple Points of Failure

Along with keeping your data at a different physical location, most cloud service providers also tend to preserve data on multiple servers at any given time. In simple terms, even if one server develops a problem, you can be assured of another server being up and running so that you never loose access to your data.

Safe & Secure

By using a cloud service, you are automatically putting another layer of security between anyone trying to access your data. In addition to the above mentioned security mechanisms, most cloud services allow you to use a two-factor authentication – giving you another valuable layer of security.