The IT as a service movement grew from organizations’ desire to free themselves from building or maintaining “stuff.” The more an organization can outsource tasks that aren’t part of the mission statement, the more time it has to focus on initiatives that help it achieve that mission statement and advance the enterprise’s objectives. Makes sense, right?

A familiar example that’s been around much longer than ITaaS is copy machine management. Most companies don’t purchase and manage heavy-duty copiers. Instead, they use vendors like OfficeWorks on a pay-per-use basis, or contract with service providers that install and maintain copiers on the customer’s premises.

Outsourcing heavy-duty copy machines can be far more cost-effective and doesn’t require organizations to pay the salary of an in-house copy machine expert. It also gives employees more time to focus on higher value projects.

All the infrastructure involved with data backup can be even more complicated than that of copy machines. And backups are like table stakes; they’re simply a bare minimum requirement that won’t set organizations apart from competitors.

Stay ahead of the curve by investing in Backup-As-A-Service solutions for your business. You’ll be able to spend more time managing and leveraging digital assets, not managing backups or making costly infrastructure investments.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2017/07/24/three-reasons-to-consider-implementing-a-backup-as-a-service-solution-in-your-organization/3/#7bc282311408