Today’s software as a service (SaaS) model is thriving as more businesses purchase technology services by subscription versus making costly infrastructure investments.

IT as a service (ITaaS) is revolutionising computer software and equipment ownership similarly to how transportation as a service (TaaS) companies like Uber, Lyft and goget have revolutionized how we think about car ownership.

Data backups provide a compelling use case for the as-a-service model, especially when you include the tremendous cost savings of moving backups into cloud storage. But many businesses still back up data on premise and manage it all on their own rather than outsource the job.

One of the biggest reasons to use backup as a service with cloud tiering, is that it gives your business storage on demand.

A service model featuring cloud storage provides elasticity when on-premise equipment reaches maximum capacity. And backups are so critical that running out of storage just isn’t an option (or at least not a good one…).

Backing up data to traditional equipment can sometimes be problematic and require unexpected upgrades and many discreet increments but BaaS with cloud tiering takes those away so organizations don’t have to worry.

The scalability of cloud especially benefits certain fast-moving industries. When the need for data storage is growing exponentially within an industry, for example bioIT. In the bioIT industry, infrastructure planning takes place 3-5 years out, while cost reductions in scientific equipment can speed scientific advancement past their corresponding IT investments. These advancements are obviously very positive but can also be problematic for IT professionals trying to align on-premise backups with the data.

The agility of cloud gives businesses the flexibility to adjust when real-world data growth exceeds any planning assumptions made years earlier. BaaS with cloud tiering can offer a business agility in case the unexpected happens. WIll you be ready? It may be time to implement a backup-as-a-service solution or review what you have in place at your organisation.