Remote desktop access is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Using a standard Internet connection and a desktop sharing application, one can access another computer in a separate location, and do all the things one would ordinarily be able to do from a remote access point.

Sadly though even if remote desktop software has been around for some time now, many are clueless as to how to use it and what benefits it can bring to computing in general.

Remote desktop access works through a series of protocols over the World Wide Web and through internal computer networks to allow you to download, edit, and save files, use programs and applications, as well as a variety of other activities. For example, say you’re at work, and you want to send yourself a project file you left at home on your desktop computer? You can use remote desktop access to get the file off your home computer’s hard drive and e-mail it to your office machine. Alternatively you could send the file yourself, from your home computer to your office computer using a standard file transfer feature that is available in remote desktop applications.

Just how can it benefit a user – particularly when one is travelling? Here are 3 clear benefits.

Improved office communication

It enables and facilitates improved communication between the person travelling and different departments of any firm or small business safely and easily. In today’s e-commerce environment, as well as with any traditional business, remote desktop access via online presentation software and alike will soon be a necessity as the restrictions of physical location and distance continue to break down. Enabling access to remote desktop support services for employees and business partners is a must for any enterprise that wishes to remain relevant and on the cutting edge.

Allows IT professionals and IT support staff to administer remote computer support

Often, help desks are inundated with requests from employees across the company for tech support. Not all of these employees are centrally located – especially for employees who are mobile and are almost always away from the office – and may require extensive phone support or even a long trip to provide the required pc support. Other times, the problem is simple to solve and requires an extra trip for thirty seconds worth of work. When these situations arise, remote computer support is often the answer resulting in today’s remote help desk.

Remote computer support means that the help desk can remotely take control of another employee’s work station from a distance via remote access without ever having to leave their seat. This is accomplished using remote support with remote control software. Simple and easy to use, remote support allows for a quick turnaround time on help requests as well as better allocation of employee resources.

It’s convenient, plus you don’t need to be physically present to work

This of course means that employees who are travelling (as part of their job, perhaps) can work from any point in the world. They can access their office files and gain access through offsite remote control desktop apps. Gone are the days when one’s productivity is cut, simply because one “forgot the papers” in the office.