Cloud Services

Introduction to Cloud Services

Cloud Services by Juncture IT, which provides a range of fast, private Cloud based services from our secure Data Centre based in Sydney, doing away with the capital costs of traditional on site server systems. Or depending on your business needs we can implement a hybrid system utilising a combination of private cloud solutions and an on premise server.
The benefits of Cloud based services are now part of standard business operations. Over the past 3 years the demand for effective and tailored Cloud solutions has increased. Private clouds unlike public clouds do not allow our resources to be made available to the general public.
Not only do our Cloud services get your systems up and running faster with increased manageability and less maintenance costs, they also allow for enhanced flexibility to suit your business’ growth and changing needs.

Juncture IT provides you with a cost effective and secure Cloud solution without the need for expensive, complex and cumbersome physical servers that require constant servicing.

With Juncture IT there are no surprises in your IT budget as we offer a scalable, price-per-user arrangement. Simply put, we need only add or subtract the number of users depending on your month-to-month requirements.

The Cloud has also become a timely and powerful option for SMEs in the front-line of your Disaster Recovery (DR) plan, should unforeseeable circumstances arise.


According to current research by KPMG, approximately 40% of companies fail to establish an effective disaster recovery plan and should a disaster occur will cease trading within the next two years.

The Data Centre where your information is stored has around the clock security guards as well as constant CCTV surveillance.

The GlobalSwitch Data Centre has multiple power feeds from the national grid as well as multiple backup generators.

GlobalSwitch is regarded as one of the safest Data Centres in the world and also hosts financial and government agencies, meaning your data is as well protected as is feasibly possible.

GlobalSwitch’s centralised location in Sydney allows for 24/7 access for our authorised personnel if ever an issue were to arise.

The Data Centre boasts around the clock manned security, CCTV, auxiliary generators, encrypted security walls, as well as sophisticated fire detection and suppression systems in regards to environmental issues.

Juncture IT uses high end Cisco firewalls for digital security of their clients data.

It is for these reasons we believe our Hosted Desktop solutions, Web Hosting and Co-location Solutions are among the most physically secure, not only nationally but internationally.

Juncture IT places the highest importance on giving you assured peace of mind. Knowing your data is safe and under Australian regulatory conditions and laws gives you the confidence that your best interests are being looked after.