Hosted Desktops

Juncture IT can provide reliable and efficient Hosted Desktops solution that will give your business a definitive, competitive edge, at one of the most competitive rates on the market.

Reliable and efficient operating systems are part of the profitability equation for every business: small, medium or large.

A Hosted Desktop will give your people mobility, productivity, and real time access from anywhere. Whether that’s within the office or on site, your people will be able to access their desktop, business applications and data wherever and wherever they log on.

Aside from mobility, another tangible benefit of a Hosted Desktop is that should any of your office or localised business equipment be stolen, damaged or destroyed, your data is safe and sound in the Juncture IT Cloud.

Further to this security measure, Juncture IT Hosted Desktops use multiple servers of Enterprise Level performance we and use image replication to ensure all your information is effectively backed up.

This means that you can focus on your important business at hand, confident that the team at Juncture IT has the capacity to monitor your systems and back you up hourly or daily.