Five Advantages Of Having Your Own Intranet

Private networks within an organization have made it possible to centralise information sharing, document management and communication. Using an effective intranet will surely increase the organization’s efficiency, make it a more recognized workforce, generate brand recognition and ensure ROI. An intranet can enhance communication among teams, save capital and keep everyone up to date. All information can be shared in real time.

The following are five advantages of your business having its own intranet:

1.  Reduces Cost
Because everything in the network is electronic, the organization will be able to shift to a paperless environment which obviously reduces expenses unless a hardcopy is required. With a corporate network, the company can upload and publish most of the company documents through the CMS of company web pages. It saves on money on printed documents, information distribution and duplication and maintenance of documents. The system also has the ability to reduce meetings, travel and telephone conversations since connections can be through email and real time chat.

2. Time Saver
Communication is faster through email, chat and newsgroups. These intranet tools provide real time communication all over the workforce. Long phone conferences and face-to-face meetings are no longer required. Forms on the corporate website or blog can help obtain employee data by way of surveys. Once the data is collected and organized, it can be displayed, distributed to relevant parties or departments within the company in just a few clicks. And since all information is stored in a central server, document storage and retrieval will be quicker

3. Increases Employee Collaboration
The intranet directly increases and enhances employee collaboration through KB articles and other types of publishing, editing and managing documents, project management, online feedback, FAQs, company information and  announcement sections, employee handbook and help desk. This will help in motivating employees to gain and share knowledge and will enable new employees to be integrated into the company faster.

4. Enhances Productivity And Employee Effectiveness
Intranets can enhance productivity and employee effectiveness through a suite of easy to use, powerful and rapid transmission tools. Enhanced productivity is also a result of effective learning and managing knowledge facilities within the intranet. The intranet is also effective in  producing better results.

5. Wide Media Type Availability
Intranets provide and accept a wide variety of media types such as video, audio and other interactive applications as compared to traditional paper-based documents. These features allow all collaborators to communicate in a more dynamic way which also improves the speed and accuracy of sharing information.